Sunday, July 29, 2018

EVL-9 Trail Race 7/22/2018

This race is held on the "mountains"of Ellicottville NY at Holiday Valley Ski Resort. On this day it was warm but raining, I had never run this event before but from what I was told we were to run up and down the ski slops for 9.7 miles. This race was well run and had a great atmosphere. I could easily tell it was full of local people who all knew each other. The event had both  4 and 9.7 mile events. I ran the 9.7.

I jumped into this race on a whim and did not at all have this race on my to do list. As the race started I got caught up in the moment and went out harder than I thought I wanted to. We climbed up a dirt road that lead to the ski slope and along the wood line, at about 3/4 mile we went into the woods on single track that was pretty tame and kept climbing up. at some point we were sent out to a dirt road for a bit then crossed over into another section of single track that had some rocks and roots but still pretty smooth. I was very surprised at how good the trail was, it is a mountain bike trail plus that area got a lot of rain the night before.

I had been training fairly hard a couple weeks before including the weekend of ( trail run and bike ride the day before) and by mile 4 my legs were getting tired. glanced at my watch and realized that I was running at a sub 9 mile pace, needless to say I was pleased to see this but didnt think I could keep it up. I had got passed by a few people and didnt know where I was in the over all but thought i was doing well. Around mile 7 we hit a dirt road for around a mile or so with a large hill and then back to single track for a bit. the last mile and half was tough on tired quads, it was switchbacks down the ski sloop, it was fun but tough. It was great to hit the finish line and see that I was still under 9 minute miles for the race but then found i was 25th over all, and this blew my mind.... 11th in my age group.

I will definitely do it again but will taper a bit next time. I am very thankful to Hammer Nutrition helping me feel great during the run, Swiftwick socks for keeping my feet happy in wet conditions and Columbia for great shoes and shorts!

Hammer running kit
Columbia Montrail Rouge shoes
Swifwick socks
Suunto Ambit 2

Hammer Gel pre race
Hammer Endurance Amino pre race
Hammer Race Day Boost pre race
Hammer Fully Charged pre race
Hammer Sustained Energy/Fully charged mixed during race
Hammer Tissue Rejuvenator after race
Hammer Recoverite after race

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