Thursday, September 17, 2020

2020 Cassadagaman 70.3 and Tamarack 20 mile road bike race

 On Sept 5th 2020 I was lucky enough to be able to compete in the very 1st Cassadagaman 70.3 half ironman held in Cassadaga NY. As we all know this has been a very tough year for holding or competing in any events this year. 

This was not an "A" race at the beginning of the year but given the Covid pandemic has shut most races down it became an "A" race. The challenge for me was I had already had races that were happening this year around it ( Wed. prior and the next day)

The morning of this race was very cool but the fog on the lake was very amazing. I found my spot in transition and started unpacking my tri bag and setting up my area. I ended up setting up near 4 others that were part of the same tri club I belong to (STTC). As folks filtered in the quiet lakefront became a buzz of chatter and excitement. My club mates and I were busy talking strategy and didn't mingle at first, however once we had our gear laid out I made my way around to talk to many of the athletes.  It was an amazing mix of excitement, fear, nerves and joy depending on the experience level of who I talked to. .

As 8 am neared we were all called to the pre race meeting where the race director, Mark Wilson addressed the course and rules along with reminding us about social distancing and Covid. As he wrapped up speaking we went down to the waters edge where we were counted in 1 by 1 until the first wave was all in the water. This race had 3 waves, male/female/teams. The swim as a 1.2 mile square around the lake. When they said go I made sure to pop to the outside as to not get caught up in the madness and push too hard too early. The start was actually pretty relaxed, I had a few people that swam close time and got kicked and a few elbows early but it thinned out quickly. I kept a comfortable pace and kept an eye on the visible cues, which was tough due to the fog over the water, but it did burn off fairly quickly. Before I knew it I was on the last 450 yard straight away to the swim finish, only problem was the rising sun was right in our eyes. Mark did have a line in the water with orange makings on it to help guide us in. 

I got out of the water and a friend of mine yelled out, great swim Rob, I had no idea I just killed my goal in the swim. I moved through transition without any issues and got out on the bike. I had 10 gels with me for the ride along with water and Sustained Energy. I started to take a gel as soon as I got settled on the bike. The 56 mile bike ride was not joke, its 2 loops of a hilly course. The first few miles legs felt heavy for some reason. I just didnt seem to have the power I would normally have. I was a bit concerned actually. However at around 10 miles they started feeling better. It started to get real cloudy and looked like rain though we only had a slight chance of it. About mile 15 it did start to rain but by mile 21 or so it stopped. 

I had a goal in mind of doing this race in about 6.5 hours. However by about mile 30 I started doing the math and realized that if I could get the 2nd loop of this bike course done faster than the 1st I could have a serious chance at 6 hrs. I started pushing harder on the hills and took every advantage of speed on the down hills. At mile 54 I topped the last climb (3 mile climb) and during the 2 mile fairly flat end of the bike event I did a time check and realized that I had to average just under a 8:30 pace on the half marathon to make 6 hrs. As I approached the bike dismount I knew I needed a good transition and then just run a good race. 

Transition went well and I was out on the run course. I had passed a few folks I knew and small talked as I ran by, I was pretty focused on the time at this point. At about 5 miles in a knew a few of the runners that had already hit one of the turn-a-rounds and heading back. I made it my goal to catch them. about a half mile from the turn around a female was coming the opposite direction and she says to me enjoy the next few minutes because it will suck when you turn around... see I had been going down hill for a couple miles and about to go hill for a couple miles. I laughed and kept running to the cone, changed direction then within a mile I had caught her, she was walking by this point, as I passed she yells show off, we both had a good laugh. I was still on pace but my legs were really going away fast.

At about mile 9 we hit the end of another out and back. I could see from those that hit the turn-a-round before me that I was not the only one hurting but I was closing on some of the people I had been trying to catch. With about 2 mile to go I checked the time and had over 22 minutes left to hit my goal of 6 hrs but what seemed more important at this point was catching more people, which I did! I had one person left to catch with one mile to go but then the legs became the biggest issue. I was slowing by this point and really just started to concentrate on that finish line rather than catching my friend Luke. As I turned the last corner I could see the finish, I ran with all I had left and as I hit the line I look at my watch 5:57:47! I did it went sub 6 hrs. I ended up 44 seconds behind Luke, who set a PR for this distance as well. I ended up 25th over all out of 130 and 3rd in my age group.

I really need to give a huge shout out to Hammer Nutrition! The Wednesday prior to this I had race in the STTC race 4 of the series where I placed 11th over all 2nd in age group and the day after this event I had raced in a bike road race called Tour De Tamarack where I had also placed 11th over all 3rd in age group. I could not have done well at all 3 events without proper fueling and recovery where the use of Hammer products paid off!

-1 Hammer Protein Bar pre race
-1 Hammer gel pre-race, 6 on the bike, 2 on run
-Hammer Sustained Energy and water in water bottles
-Hammer Race Day Boost and Hammer Liquid Endurance (pre load leading up to race)
-Anti-Fatique Caps and Endurance Ammo's pre race and 1 dose on bike
-Hammer Recoverite after the race

-Suunto 9 watch
-Ventum Z tri bike
-Hammer tri kit
-Garneau tri bike shoes
-Hoka OneOne Claytons
-S-Works helmet
-Tifosi glasses
-Stages Dash M50 bike computer
-Blue Seventy wet suit

Hammer Recoverite
Compex EMS
Human AMP sports lotion 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

2020 Findley Lake Olympic Triathlon

Given that Covid-19 has destroyed many events and plans for all, I was lucky enough to be able to race in this great event in Findley Lake NY. This was the 2nd year of this event and I love the course. The swim is an out and back, the ride is a tough hilly route and the run is fairly flat (some small rolling hills).

I had to work a 15 hour shift the day before the race and when I woke up Saturday morning I really didnt feel like racing. I considered not going but decided with the lack of racing in 2020 I better go and make the best of it. I got to the race early figuring that a lot of people would show and wanted a decent parking spot and a good place to set up in transition.

While in the transition setting up I did see a few people I knew and engaged in some small talk but I still did not feel like doing a triathlon. About 20 minutes before the race start I put my wet suit on and jumped into the lake to warm up. I swam about 200 yards and I started to feel good.

We were called to the shore for a quick race meeting to talk about rules and the course. After that we were counted into the water and before long the count down began and then we were off. The swim was about 1600 yards and an out and back. I did get a foot or elbow in the face but the start was not too bad. I stayed with a large pack for a while but it did think out after a few hundred yards. I got into a grove and just kept moving my arms. The swim is by far my worst event so I just try to make the best of it. Some place before the the turn around I noticed that i was pretty much swimming alone and figured I was just way in the back.

One the way back to the shore I was passed by one person so I figured I was certainly last now. However when I got out of the water I looked back and I had seen a bunch of white swim caps, which gave me hope that i had a decent swim. I moved through the transition and got to my bike. After pulling off the wet suit and got my cycling gear on I focused on the tough course I was about to take on. Out of the transition we hit a slight up hill which leads to a right turn and a massive climb. Some folks were in the wrong gear and ended up walking their bikes up the first part of the hill (the steepest hill on the course). I did pass a few people right there. The course was 2 loops of a 11.5 mile hilly course.

The first 5 miles are the worst but I was ready for the course and was able to pick a few more people before the course flattens out a bit. with about 2 miles to go on loop 1 I was trying to ride down a group of about 4 bike. I was pounding the peddles and finally in front of the transition area I did pass one of them and then passed a 2nd one on the large hill I wrote about above. It took me about another 6 miles to ride down the other 2. I had a great T2 got out on the run and did not feel fast at all.

I was able to to run down a few folks over the first miles of the 10k. When I got to the 2ish mile mark a few of the leaders were already racing back to finish. I got to the turn around and a volunteer told me I was 17th. I could see a few people and made it my mission to run them down. Over the course of 2 miles I was able to run 3 down. The last mile was tough, but got it done. When I asked my time I was told 2:37:57 and 14th place. This time was almost 14 minutes faster than last year, which I was very happy with however I came in 3rd in my age group which I had won last year. It blew my mind that I was so much faster and 14th but 3rd in my age group.

All and all I was happy with my time and the huge improvement. Hammer Nutrition really helped keep me fueled and hydrated. I have become a huge fan of the Hammer Liquid Endurance for the heat.

-1 Hammer Protein Bar pre race
-1 Hammer gel pre-race, one on the bike
-Hammer Sustained Energy and water in water bottles
-Hammer Race Day Boost and Hammer Liquid Endurance (pre load leading up to race)
-Anti-Fatique Caps and Endurance Ammo's pre race
-Hammer Recoverite after the race

-Suunto 9 watch
-Ventum Z tri bike
-Hammer tri kit
-Garneau tri bike shoes
-Hoka OneOne Claytons
-S-Works helmet
-Tifosi glasses
-Stages Dash M50 bike computer
-Blue Seventy wet suit

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Finally a race!!!!! STTC Race 2:

Way back in March I had huge goals and some big races to look forward to, but as the Covid-19 virus change the world for all of us most of my "A" races had gotten canceled or postponed. However July 1st that changed a bit. Mark Wilson, coach and race director, sent out an email stating that the state and the town were at a point and agreeable to allowing us to race but with restriction. Things like size of race, face coverings, no day of sign up and a few more but.... we were racing!

So there we were July 1st and for about 60 of us it was our first sprint triathlon of the season, all trained well and just waiting for a race. We were told by Mark that this was the 2nd triathlon in the country this year.. I did not research that but seems right. The tempture was about 80 degrees at 5:30 in the evening. Since I knew it was going to be hot I put the Hammer Nutrition Liquid Endurance to the test along with my normal serving of Hammer Nutrition Sustained Energy. 

We all had to keep proper social distancing during packet pick up, along with wearing of a mask until we were in transition. A side effect of Covid for us was more room in transition, we had to keep a bikes width and flip flop bikes to keep proper distance. Of course it was great to see the normal racers, but we also had a decent amount of new folks. 

After getting my transition area all set up I put on my wet suit and made my way to the water... I took advantage of being early and swam the course to try to ease the nurves a bit. Though I am well trained, the swim and T1 are by far my weakest area's. Once the nerves calmed down I was ready to race. Mark had a quick race meeting and mentioned the race sponsors (Hammer is one).  after Mark took count as we entered the water we had a countdown then the first race start of the year was underway.

The swim was pretty basic, straight out, around a boat and back, but I did struggle a bit due to the angle of the sun and glare on the water... I kept I pretty decent pace and found a grove quickly and like a flash I was to the turn-around. Coming back I could not keep straight for the life of me, I lost time going left and right. Before long I was at the beach and stripping off my wet suit getting ready for T1. 

T1 wasn’t bad with the extra room, and surprisingly there were a lot of bikes left so my swim wasn’t too bad. I got out of there and got to the bike mounting area, clipped in and started to hammer the pedals to make some time on the leaders. I have raced on practiced on this course so many times I almost know it like the back of my hand. Between the first 2 turns ( less than half mile) I had already passed 2 people, a gentle hill starts after 2nd turn and I crushed it. Now we are on a long straight road with some decent rolling climbs, I was able to catch a few more folks before the next left turn. On this turn we are greeted with a huge downhill. I mashed the pedals to try and gain more speed and with a blink I was at the bottom and just before the turn I over took another spot, still not sure where I was in the over all, just knew I had to keep passing people. The next section is kind of like a "S" curve for about a 1/4 mile and it spills us out on ton a main road with about a 3 mile climb. I just shifted to a sustainable gear and put my head down and just worked, I can’t even tell you how many folks I passed but most of them were pretty gased. As I passed a guy I know wearing his Base Nutrition kit I made sure to sit up and pedal harder and take his  

After a long bit of climbing the road is a slight downhill through town and then another left turn for 1 block and then the final turn to the transition area. As I dismounted and made my way to put bike away I started to count bikes, came up with 14 or 15. I had a great T2 and was out in a flash. This is only a 2 time run so I had my work cut out for me. About 1/2 mile in folks were coming back towards the finish I counted the ones heading back until I got to the turnaround myself, I was in 12th spot. Over the next mile I was able to pick off enough to make a 9th place finish and won my age group. I later found that I was only 1 min off my PR on that course. The finish line was a bit barer due to the Covid rules. We were not able to use podium boxes either, we just stood in place and raised out hand as our names were called. 

After all is said and done I was pretty happy with this race and how it unfolded, was great knocking off the racing rust. I am sure the trial of Hammer Liquid Endurance gave me the edge I needed late in the race

-1 Hammer gel pre-race, one on the bike
-Hammer Sustained Energy and water in water bottles
-Hammer Race Day Boost and Hammer Liquid Endurance (pre load leading up to race)
-Anti-Fatique Caps and Endurance Ammo's pre race
-Hammer Recoverite after the race

-Suunto 9 watch
-Ventum Z tri bike
-Hammer water bottles
-Hammer tri kit
-Garneau tri bike shoes
-Hoka OneOne Claytons
-S-Works helmet
-Tifosi glasses
-Stages Dash M50 bike computer

-Blue Seventy wet suit

Photo Credit: Mike Frame, enclosed photos were purchased by me for use. 

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Stats review and New Years Day 5 miler

Lets start with a review of 2019
plan was to:
Run 1800 miles
Cycle 1000 miles
Swim 100,000 yards
Finish OC100k
Complete a half Ironman

What happened
Run 1781
Cycle 2502
Swim 133,520 yards
Strength Training 985 minutes
Jacob's Ladder 25,995 feet climbed
Finished OC100k
Completed a half Ironman

now 2020

I ran in the New Years Day 5 miler today. We had lots of ice, wind and cold. Managed a 13th overall and 1st in AG.

As I walked from my car to sign up I realized this was going to be difficult due to ice, cold and wind. I got checked in and went out to warm up, it was very slippery. As I warmed up I looked around and noticed a lot of the regulars but some new faces too. I had some extra drive this year... see I have run this race 7 times and have not placed only once... 2018. For some reason at the end of 2017 I had been in a funk and could not shake it and it lead to a slow start in 2018 thus I placed 4th in my age group and ran very slow. 2019 The weather was bad enough that I didnt want to race it so this was my comeback race and it was going to be miserable, but I find a level of comfort in suffering and

With a couple minutes before the start we all started to gather at the start line. Alot more folks than I thought showed up for the race. I found a spot near the front and was getting my mind right... the RD was talking but I was focused on what I needed to do today. As he was wrapping up I set my watch and with a 3....2...1 we were off. Right off the bat as the race started a car backed out into the road , which was covered with ice, and caused some shuffling and slipping for everyone but thankfully no one went down. I had a target on a guy i have raced against many times and figured I would stay close to him for a bit and see what happens. As the pack started to seperate I found myself running alone about 50 yards from the guy I wanted to run with but I was closing on him. At mile 1 I was at 6:30 pace and was left leg already felt tired and heavy.

I had reeled the guy I was chasing in and passed him before mile 2 but the wind was right in our faces and it made a tough run much harder. As we turned in a turning lane to go back the opposite direction the turn around was full of snow, which sucked but at least the wind was now at our backs. By this point I had been caught by another runner and as I hit the 3 mile mark the guy i ran down and passed was on my hip for a about 100 yards then he broke away. As he pulled away I had thought to myself, I hope he slips a bit and loses some footing so he slows down.... He didnt! By the time I got to mile 4 I was at an average of 7:14 pace and they runner I had wanted to beat was within eye sight but a ways away. I got passed by one more runner before finishing.... a top 10 slipped away but I didnt know how far until results came out. I finished 13th over but won my age group with a time of 36:56. Over the years this was my 3rd worst time but I have never raced this race in conditions such as these. Now I will have to wait another year to crack the top 10.

North Face gloves
Mizuno tights
Sugoi jacket
Voler Hammer Nutrition thermo shirt
SweatVac Hammer Nutrition hat
Topo Terraventure trail shoes with screws for traction
Darn Tough wool socks

Pre Race:
pre load of Hammer Race Day Boost
2 hours before race a Hammer Protein Bar
20 min before race a Hammer Gel

Post Race:
Hammer Recoverite
Hammer Tissue Rejuvenator

Sunday, October 27, 2019

2019 OC100k

Well looks like 4th time was the charm. For some reason this event out of the 3 at Oil Creek 100 trail runs has given me the most trouble. This was the 7th year I have run OC completing the 50k twice, and the 100 miler once..... but the 100k.... 0-3 coming into this year.

My drops have ranged from IT band issues and drop at mile 37, lack of training drop at 50k distance, and 50k drop after a fall and injury last year.

This year I had taken part in many triathlons and didnt train on trails enough until Sept. I felt strong and ready for a month of miles and miles of trail running. By my taper I felt I had done enough to finish the race.

Race morning has come, gear is ready, fuel is ready.... I am ready. As the race director counted down and the horn went off I started very slow, as we had about 1.3 miles of bike path before the trail head. I was running alone with my thoughts and before long into the trails we went. About 2 miles in I started to get a dizzy feeling ( I have had it a lot over the last few years, something with a nerve in my neck) but it is worse when I dont wear my contacts while on the trails, which I had forgot to put in.

I ran for a while dizzy then took a hard fall, got up and realized I just needed to hike for a while... and that is what I did, for over 3 miles till the aid station. When I got there the aid station I still didnt feel right so I went to the back of the tent and laid down to try and calm my spinning head. After about 20 minutes it started to clear up, but I was really thinking man am I about to drop for this race again!!!????   I filled my water bottle and decided I had to push on.

On my way out of the aid station a friend of mine noticed me and was curious what happened to me. I hiked for a bit and talked to her about what I had experienced. We hiked up some switchbacks then down switchbacks by then I felt I was able to start running again. I moved the rest of the way through section 2 and into aid station 2 pretty well. I was able to curse through the aid station and move into the longest section, I was starting to make up the hour and a half I had lost and catching folks that had passed me in section 1. Towards the end of section 3 I ran by a friend, Rod, how was having noticeable trouble with his back. I asked him what was wrong and figured my friend Dan, at aid station 3 could help him out. I told him to ask for Dan at the aid station. I descended down the last hill in section 3 and ran the 3/4 mile on a dirt road into aid station 3.

I didnt need much at the aid station, but I did tell Dan to expect Rod and I was on my way. While running in section 4 my back started getting sore. I was able to keep a decent pace and before I knew it I only had about a mile or so of trial left in this section. I ran into a guy that looked like he was in pain, I asked what was going on and he said his quads were cramping. I gave him the old you almost got this section beat statement and started to run but stopped, gave him my last 3 Endurolytes knowing I had more at the aid station. I said take 2 now and 1 at the aid station then started to run again, turned around and said oh by the way they are Hammer Endurolytes.... I laughed to myself thinking that this guy blindly took 2 pills that I gave him with no questions asked ( he finished the 100K).

I came into aid station 4 and sat down, it felt good to get off my feet, my back was getting really sore at this point. As luck would have it a Chiropractor, Dr. Krauza (who has finished all 3 events at OC) was there and he actually had a portable chiropractor table with him, he offered to adjust my back. As he looked me over my back and pelvis need a bit of work, he says likely due to the fall early on. I changed socks and shoes, filled bottles and went to grab my trekking poles but I didnt have them, I put them in the aid station 2 bag not the aid station 4 bag. Krauza asked me what I was looking for and I explained my issue..... he had a pair his in his car, he grabbed them and off I went. I knew it would be dark by 7 and I wanted to get to aid station 2 by 7 or 730. As I got into aid station 1, they remembered me and said I looked like a whole different person, said last time they saw me I was pure white and were sure I was going to drop. I got what I needed and was off and up the switchbacks in section 2.

Through section 2 I kept a steady pace but was starting to feel the miles. I passed a few more people then all of a sudden a guy came up behind me fast and passed with his pacer, it was the 100 mile leader and he was flying. Section 2 is the shortest section in miles but has one of the longest climbs, once I made it to the top of it I knew for sure I had this race but I just had to let it come to me. with about 1 mile to go in section 2 it got dark and I put my headlamp on. As I got into aid station 2 Dr Krauza had made his way there to see a bunch of us he knew. I gave him back his poles and grabbed mine, gloves, hat some water and fruit. I picked up my pacer here, we only had 17 miles lift and I was feeling decent. She asked if I wanted a heavier coat from my drop back, knowing it was going to drop into the 30's.... I said nope we will be done in 4 hours or so.

We climbed the hill into section 3 and were running a decent enough pace for the first 3 or 4 miles then my legs really started to give, my quads were shot and we started to do a lot of hiking, running where I could be man oh man was I hurting. Most of the rest of section 3 was uneventful but way long and it got very cold. What should have been 2-2.5 hours took 4. As we got into aid station 3 I sat by the fire for a few minutes to try and warm up. Shortly after I sat down someone else came in and dropped from the race, stating its too cold and he didnt have enough clothing for it. I stood up and told Laurie that I was still freezing so we may as well get on our way. Just then a truck pulled up to take the guy that was dropping to the start/finish line. The driver looked at me thinking I was one dropping and said ready??/ Just then the other guy jumped up and got in the truck.

As we started to leave I remembered I had a solar blanket in my pack!!!! Laurie said lets put it on like a cape then put your pack on.... this would not have been great to try and run in, so I said lets fold it in 1/3 and wrap it around my torso, then we had some hand warmers and we packed them inside... turns out it was perfect! I had 8.8 miles to go to finally finish this race and complete this damn 100k. Most of this section was a shuffle and hike but as the miles clicked by I knew I finally had this thing beat... not pretty but done!!!

I crossed the finish line to the embrace of Tom Jennings, the race director, he handed me the buckle and I announced I can now retire from Oil Creek Trail Races!!!!!!

Words can not explain the happiness, and a proud feeling that I cant compare to anything except a 100 mile race or my half ironman. I know hold the trifecta of belt buckles from OC and can move on after 7 years!

#howihammer #suunto

Hammer race kit
Columbia Colorado's
Swifwick wool socks
Columbia Titan Ultra shorts
Ultimate Direction hydration vest
Sunnto 9

Hammer Gel
Hammer Sustained Energy
Hammer Raw Energy Bar
Hammer Tissue Rejuvenator - Recovery
Hammer Endurance Amino
Hammer Race Day Boost
Hammer Anti-Fatigue Caps
Hammer Recoverite - Recovery
Hammer CBD - Recovery

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

2019 Race for Recovery

The 2019 Race for Recovery was held 9/21/2019 at Presque Isle State Park. This was the 7th time I had raced this event with finishes at 7th, 4th, 2nd, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

In the last 6 years I tapered for the this race since was in training for the OC100 races. This year I am also training for the OC100 trail race BUT since I caught the Tri bug I had not focused running long or trails. Unfortunately I would have to work this race into the training schedule and see what happens.

Going into the race i had run 60 miles the week before and had 35 miles in the week leading up to the race, so I did not feel fresh at all but did feel good and strong. Leading up to the race I made sure to take all of my doses of Hammer Nutrition Race Day Boost and Hammer Nutrition Tissue Rejuvenator to ensure I had the best possible chance to do well. 

I got to the race an hour early and got my bib etc and started to jog around to get loose and get the blood flowing. I was feeling great and energy was high but definitely could feel the training load in my legs. As the race time neared I turned on my MP3 player and started to get my mind ready for the race. With about 10 till the start I made my way to the starting line and the timer asked me if I thought I would win today, I paused looked around and said..... Sure why not....we both laughed a bit and I said, I am going to try. As the race director started giving instructions I started looking around to see who all showed up, I did see a lot of familiar faces, exchanged a few nods etc. I also noticed a large handful of new faces most younger than me. With about a 2 minutes to go a friend of mine walked up to me and said good luck and I think you are going to with this again. I just said thanks, now I was starting to feel some pressure that I had not had all morning.

As the timer counted down 3....2...Horn blows! about 8-10 people really pushed the pace from the start, I figured it would be a fast race but holy cow it had only just started. After the first turn ( about 200 yards) it was down to about 5 of us and the pace started to settle in but then this guy got out front and took off. I didnt go with him because I was sure he could not hold that pace. After 1 mile I had moved to 2nd and a decent gap back to 3rd but 1st was a ways out. Not long after I hit the 1 mile mark I could see the leader turn and see where I was, I assumed he was getting tired so I planned to keep my pace till the 2 mile mark and see what happens.

At 2 miles I closed the gap to about 50 ft or so his foot turn over was slowing and I could tell he was tired, but the down side was so was I. As we hit about the 2.5 mile point I was less than 10 feet behind him. I noticed he was messing with his MP3 player and all of a sudden he picked up his pace just a bit I did not have any more to give at that point though. He slowly pulled away from me and as I hit the final turn I could see him crossing the finish line. In the end I lost by 20 seconds.

I got some water and found the guy who won, we exchanged high fives and I asked him what the heck song he put on his MP3 player. He laughed, told me the song ( I cant remember now) and said I know you were going to catch me so i turned that song on which was 4 min long... he said he told himself that he could out run me for the 4 minutes or blow up trying. lol

Sadly I likely had enough to push a bit harder and maybe could have blown him up and won but hind sight is 20/20. But hey I took 2nd and was nearly 2 minutes faster than 3rd place. This is far from a fast 5k but it was warm and lots of wind, it seems everyone was slow on this day. After awards I went out and ran 6 more miles and did 22 miles on the trails the next day! Hammer on!


Suunto 9 GPS watch
Hammer Running Kit
Hoka One One Gaviota

Hammer Whey Protein Bar for breakfast
Hammer Tissue rejuvenator - post race
Hammer Recoverite - Post race
Hammer CBD Balm later in the day. 
Hammer Race PR Kit - 4 days prior and up the night before the race.

Catch up blog

Well I had not realized its been so long since I had updated to this blog so I will just give a quick catch up to where we are today.

7/10 STTC Tri series race 2 - I PR'ed the course just days after my first half ironman and came in 1st in AG and 7th overall.

8/3 Findley Lake Olympic Tri - This was my 1st Olympic distance and I made the top 10 and won my age group.

8/7 STTC Tri series Race 3 - PR'ed the course again, took 7th overall and won my age group

8/10 Presque Isle Sprint Tri - 12th over all and 2nd in age group

9/1 Tour De Tamarack Bike Race - 9th over all and 2nd in age group

9/4 STTC Tri Series Race 4 - DNF after PRing on the 400 swim I got 5 miles into the 13 mile bike route and broke my chain.

What a year so far.... My first Sprint, Olympic and half ironman distance races, 1st bike race.... I have huge plans for 2020. But first I had the Race for recovery (blog coming) and OC100k