Sunday, July 15, 2018

Tri in the Buff

     This event is near Buffalo NY and has distances to chose from. I liked the Try a tri distance ( 200m swim, 8 mile bike and 1.8 mile run) since it was my first triathlon and first open water swim. I had somewhat of an idea what to expect from racing duathlons but the swim had me a bit concerned.

     As the swim started I started to struggle right off the bat. Swimming into waves and having others around you was a new and crazy experience. I came out of the water near last place but past a few folks on my way up to the transition area. As soon as I mounted the bike I just put my head down and mashed the pedals as fast as possible. the route merged with the other distances a few times which was fun and by the time i had finished up the bike I was pretty sure i had passed everyone in my class. As I got into transition for the run i heard them say my name and said I was the first one in. The run was tough! It was HOT, I was tired and legs felt like rubber bands. I just kept pushing forward to the turn around and glided back. I did see a few people from my class along the way but I was pretty sure that they would not catch me.

     I finished 1st over all with just under a 5 minute lead. This was a great experience for many reasons: 1st open water swim, making up time on the bike, all of the craziness of a huge event. etc. I cant wait until the Lake Erie Triathlon and to go back to Buffalo next year.

Hammer Tri kit
Topo Magnifly shoes
Swifwick socks
Specialized Roubiax
Suunto Ambit 2

Hammer Gel pre race
Hammer Endurance Amino pre race
Hammer Race Day Boost pre race
Hammer Sustained Energy during race
Hammer Tissue Rejuvenator after race
Hammer Recoverite after race

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