Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Returning to Blog

After a couple years with a website I have returned to the blog, just cant justify the cost of site and hosting.

2018 has brought me my 2nd year of support from Swiftwick socks and Columbia-Montrial as well as my 3rd year with Hammer Nutrition. 2018 Will also be a year that I try some different types of events. I have already done one duathlon, I have another on the schedule. I will also try a triathlon and a 24 hr running event.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of running in the New York Duathlon in Randolph NY. Here is a blog I wrote for Hammer about the event.
This was my first event of 2018. My training has not been on point due to the very tough winter we had so I had a bit of concern about how my cycling would be. I also had an added level of concern since the very next day i would have my Army Physical Fitness test so I had to have some left in the tank for that.

When I got to the park that the duathlon would start I realized that it would be a pretty small event. We had a very cool and wet day, 45 degrees and misty rain then a down pour near the end of the event. This event was a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run.

At 9 am we lined up to start and I came out in about 5th place and worked my way up to 2nd. I am still slow in the transition and came out 5th. I was able to get 2 spots back with in the first 5 miles then a guy on a tri bike blew by me and I fell back to 4th spot. I hammered hard but could not close the gap, the 3 in front of me obviously had spent a lot of time on their Tri bikes and just kept pulling away. I had not been on mine since buying it in Jan so I decided to use my road bike. Over the last few miles I did all I could do to keep close to 3rd place but I could no longer see him.

As I came into transition back to run I had 2 people real close to me and I heard my friend in the back ground saying " come on Rob, hurry up Rob" i had thought she was yelling because I had those 2 in transition with me, I found out later it was because she thought I could catch 3rd place on the run. As I made my way out on the last leg my focus was keeping 4th spot but at about the half mile mark I was starting to see 3rd place and as I was getting closer to the turn around 1st was coming back, a bit behind him was 2nd and by the turn around I had passed 3rd. Now in 3rd place I pushed hard thinking that maybe I had a chance for 2nd. That didnt happen but finishing 3rd in this event in these conditions made me very happy.

The very next day I took the Army Physical Fitness test and scored a 299 out of a possible 300 ( I am normally max it out at 300) but considering what I did Saturday I was very content and I had the highest score in my unit. Thank you Hammer for the continued support and great products. Now on to Out-run 24 in Ohio!

Hammer On


Gear for race:
Hammer Tri Kit
Suunto Ambit 2
Topo running shoes
Specialized Bike
Specialized Helmet
Specialized Cycling Shoes
Swiftwick Vision Socks

Hammer Protein Bar
1 Hammer Tropical Gel

During Race
Hammer Sustained Energy drink mix

After Race
Tissue Rejuvenator 

I hope to keep this blog up like I used to and hope you enjoy reading about my adventures. 

Hammer on and Chase Adventure 

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